Welcome to TLL’s New Blog!

DSC_0195As we move closer to the beginning of another academic year, the MIT Teaching and Learning Lab (TLL) is beginning a blog! Our intention is that TLL staff and guests will be posting our thoughts each week (as a beginning) on teaching and learning, assessment and evaluation – and about life in higher ed as we know it to be and hope it could become.

We will offer timely posts throughout the academic year: suggestions for course planning, syllabus construction, mid-semester feedback, student assessments, and grading.  We will highlight TLL services that may be of particular temporal interest to the MIT community as well as offering our summaries and opinions of noteworthy publications related to college-level teaching and learning.

While much of our content (e.g., workshops and programs) will be offered for those on the MIT campus, we hope our reflections and ideas will be of value to the broader higher ed community. We seek this new path to engage in a vigorous and ongoing conversation!

We are very excited about the wide variety of new and ongoing programs and services that we will be offering on campus in the coming fall semester. Offerings that are provided for MIT Teaching Assistants include:

Offerings provided for MIT Faculty:

And, finally, all are welcome to attend our DUET Seminar Series which begins on Wednesday, September 28th.

Please check the site weekly for new posts and updates. If you are part of the MIT Community, we hope to see you at our programs, workshops, and seminars throughout the year. Off we go, onto new adventures!

(“Aquinnah Path, Martha’s Vineyard” from Janet Rankin / cc by-nc-sa)

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